How to design and decorate your home to make it the coziest place ever

Have you ever noticed how you feel when you finally come back home after a long and tiring day at work? There are a lot of studies proving that the majority of us link the idea of home to comfort, security, relaxation, peace of mind, and positive emotions. Nevertheless, it is also not a rare case  when people come home and feel that they do not actually want to stay there. It may sound quite surprising but feeling uneasy and uncomfortable at home can bring about a lot of negative consequences for one’s psychological and mental health, including such conditions as stress, anxiety, depression, insomnia, etc., which can cause even physical problems in the long run. You may how  fix the situation and to make your home comfortable. Our answer is to change the interior design and decoration! In this article, we will share some useful guidelines that will help you with this challenging task

The first and the major rule is to get rid of all the irritating objects at your place. For instance, if you have always got annoyed looking at your old wardrobe or at a vase in your bedroom your cousin presented you for your birthday, do not hesitate – give or throw them away and shop for new ones.  Although it might cost you some more money than you expected, your psychological stability and mood are much more precious.

Another important thing to remember is that you should make your home clean and spacious enough. It is hardly a secret that many of use start feeling down when our home is piled up with old clothes we never wear, décor element and souvenirs, dirty dishes, and other kinds of things we do not throw away because we got used to them. If you do not use something for more than two years, you do not need it. Get rid of all such stuff  and keep your home well-organized and clean with the help of storage items. You will soon feel the difference.

Now, that your home is ready for its new look, you can pass on to choosing décor elements. No one can deny that properly selected decorative element can make your home unique and much more expressive, showing your guests what kind of person you are. Modern décor fashion  allows for the use of bold color combinations , so you should not be afraid to give way to your creativity. Experiment with sizes, themes, materials, styles, combinations, etc. Remember that your ultimate goal is to feel good at your own home.

If you are not a design expert, you should know that there are two different ways of introducing décor elements into your house. The first is sticking to the existing color palette and to add new hues to it. If you make up your mind to do that, follow these rules:

  • No matter what décor element you select, its background color should match your wall color.
  • Do not use exactly the same color – otherwise, your décor will disappear against the wall. The best way is to combine light and the deep shades of the same color.
  • If you want to pull the room together, you will need no more than four basic colors. So, do not overdo.
  • Black and white decorations are meant to add elegance and structure to your room. However, if your room is already made in black and white, the combination with the décor of the same color will make it resemble a chess board.
  • If your walls are of neutral colors, bright colors and neons in décor are not the best solution. Besides, they are tiring for the eyes.

You can also select the second approach, which dictates to introduce bolder shades and forms in décor. In this case, do not forget the following:

  • Bright pieces should be placed against the neutral background.
  • Pay close attention to tones. For instance, iif your wall is violet, dark purple decorations will look perfect,
  • Try to make maximum use of your décor elements. Combine aesthetics with functionality.

Follow our advice and make your home a masterpiece of design!

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